• September 26, 2023

Palestine: Rights experts call for stronger torture prevention measures

The members of the UN Subcommittee on Prevention of Torture (SPT) issued the appeal after concluding their first visit to the State of Palestine, conducted from 10 to 21 September. Daniel Fink, who headed the delegation, said they received full cooperation from the Palestinian Authority to visit locations in the West Bank, “but we regret that, despite all…

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WHO hails Mauritius, Netherlands for tobacco control measures but global risks remain

Hailing Mauritius and the Netherlands for implementing all of the UN health agency’s MPOWER tobacco control measures – a feat matched to date only by only Brazil and Türkiye – the WHO said that 2.3 billion people in 44 countries remain unprotected by tobacco control measures, exposing them to sickness and the economic burden of…

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Experts demand better measures to protect children caught in conflict

Virginia Gamba, the Secretary-General’s Special Representative on Children and Armed Conflict, who is currently preparing her latest report, said data gathered so far reveals that trends showing high levels of violations are continuing.  Nearly 24,000 grave violations were verified in 2021, the last reporting year.  Most involved killing and maiming, as well as recruitment and…

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Ukraine: UN aid reaches Soledar area as IAEA boosts safety measures at nuclear sites

Jens Laerke from UN aid coordinating office, OCHA, said that three trucks had been granted access to areas under Ukrainian Government control just a few kilometres from the heavily disputed city in the Donbas region, which has been an intense battleground, as Russian forces seek to advance on the strategically important town of Bakhmut. He…

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New US border measures ‘not in line with international standards’, warns UNHCR 

According to reports, the reforms would deny migrants the chance to seek asylum in the US if they crossed from Mexico into the US without permission.  But President Biden also said that up to 30,000 people per month from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua and Venezuela could come legally, if they meet a series of requirements, including…

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Yemen truce holding, but full measures still not in place |

Ambassadors were briefed by two top UN officials who provided an update on the impact of the agreement between the Government and Houthi rebels, which was recently renewed for an additional two months, while also outlining the challenges that remain.  Grundberg outlines to #UNSC plans including working with the parties to consolidate &implement all truce…

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